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My name is  Gladys. This channel offers free messages using a variety of decks to show you what energies that will be in your work life, love life etc. Use these deeply spiritual messages to navigate your life in a way to help you to cultivate the needed skills and disciplines to achieve your goals.  To provide meaningful positive and constructive feedback and empowering encouragement. To celebrate victories and milestones as well as be a source of encouragement through the more difficult times. 


You will have a lot of control of how you want your message done.

Start in any Message Category.  Find what it is that you want to order and put it in shopping cart.  (This must be purchased in order to add-on special features.) 

Then go to add on sections.

Make sure to read the description of item. Add to cart. When finished review your cart and remove items or go back and add more items from cart before booking. Any of My Main Messages must be purchases in order to book an appointment. Once you finished go to cart and book an appointment. Once booking is confirmed then close window and pay for your order.  Once you purchase your order and payment clears I will send you an email on your purchase. You will only be aloud to Order 1 Message at a time and all add-ons must be purchased at the same time you order your message. You can go into the shop to see what available messages are left and then once you add to your cart an Angel Works Message #??? under Category: Angel Messages, you can go to the other category to add additional message options.  Orders are based on Booking availability. 

 (Add-ons can only be purchased with a CATEGORY ANGEL MESSAGES of your choice.)

You can add on as many as you like of what decks you want to choose from the options I have listed. Once you added the add-ons to your cart, you will see your total. Do any revisions and proceed to make your appointment (If there is an opening.) Then make your payment.  Check out the YouTube video's, "What options of Messages I offer."

Hope you enjoy having the choice to add what options and decks to use.  Come see my monthly YouTube videos or other media links posted above or below this page. Don’t forget to like, subscribe and share my videos.


God Bless!


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Thank you.    


Sending you full of joy and happiness your way.


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 I wish you a day full of joy and happiness.

Know GOD is with you everyday of your life.