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Welcome to angelworks3110.

My name is Gladys. I am an Empathy messenger. This website/channel offers free messages using a variety of decks to show you what energy will be in your work life, love life etc. Use these deeply spiritual messages to navigate your life in a way to help you to cultivate the needed skills and disciplines to achieve your goals. To provide meaningful positive and constructive feedback and empowering encouragement. To celebrate victories and milestones as well as be a source of encouragement through the more difficult times. Though from time to time the messages may be negative. I just let you know what I am led to say, what I see, hear and feel and use other items (Decks etc.) for tools. Subscribe to my channel to follow me along my life's journey and yours with the new messages I post monthly. I share to you my talents and own Spreads and series & a lot more Thank you for your support. God Bless! Gladys These messages are for entertainment purposes only.

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